Standards for Membership in the
Arizona Production Association (APA)

At the December meeting of the Arizona Production Association's Board of Directors, standards were adopted for membership in the APA. These standards will now be part of the annual application for membership. To be a member in good standing of the APA, an applicant must, at a minimum:

1. Be a resident of and/or be doing business in Arizona.

2. Provide call sheets or references to support all credits listed in the Directory.

3. Fulfill all license and bond requirements of city, county, state and federal agencies and authorities; provide license numbers upon application for membership and provide periodic updates as requested by APA.

4. Have paid current dues.

5. Conduct business in a legal and ethical manner.

6. Support the mission and objectives of the APA and not engage in business or professional activity that is counter to our mission: To promote, encourage and advance the growth of the film, theatre and television industries within the state of Arizona and to improve the status and skills of our members.

7. Promptly respond to all complaints forwarded by the APA to you regarding your business, business practices, or professional activity and make good faith efforts to resolve such complaints in accordance with generally accepted, good business practices.

8. Cooperate with the APA in efforts to eliminate underlying causes of patterns of complaints that APA calls to your attention.

9. Support the good image of APA and the State of Arizona by not engaging in activity that reflects unfavorably on the APA, its members, or the film, theatre and television industries of Arizona.